For Roel. Algebra

Online Homework System Assignment Worksheet

1/12/14 – 6:55 PM

Name: ____________________________ Class: Post University – College Algebra

(MAT120.37, MOD 3) (1qaq3b2)

Class #: ____________________________ Section #: ____________________________

Instructor:Maple T.A. Administrator Assignment: 2.2 Homework (Modeling with Linear


Question 1: (1 point)

A waiter earns a salary of per month for working hours a day. In May, he worked additional hours at per

hour and earned for the month.

Write an equation to model this situation where is the number of additional hours he worked in May.


Find the number of additional hours he worked in May.

Additional hours ____________

Question 2: (1 point)

A student’s grade in a course is the average of 4 test grades and a final exam that is worth twice as much as each test.

Suppose a student has test grades of 91, 82, 83, and 92. Write an equation to model this situation where is the

student’s grade on the final exam and is the student’s average for the course.


Then find the score they will need to receive on their final exam if they want to have a grade of 90 for the course.

Final exam score needed ____________

Question 3: (1 point)

$500 4 $10 $650



x y


Typesetting math: 100%



Suppose your average, after taking 3 quizzes, is 76 (out of 100). What must your average be on the next 5 quizzes to

increase your average to 81 out of 100?

Required average ____________

Question 4: (1 point)

Find the largest of three consecutive odd integers whose sum is

The largest of the three integers is ____________.

Question 5: (1 point)

The product of two consecutive integers is less than the square of the smaller integer. Find the larger of the two


The larger of the two integers is ____________.

Question 6: (1 point)

A shirt is marked off and the sale price is What was the original price?

Original price: $ ____________

Question 7: (1 point)

A woman earns 25% more than her neighbor, and together they earn per week. How much does the woman

earn per week?

The woman earns $ ____________each week.




15% $32.30.




Question 8: (1 point)

A man invests money in two simple interest accounts. He invests twice as much in an account paying % as he

does in an account paying %. If he earns in interest in one year from both accounts combined, how much

did he invest altogether?

Total Principal in Both Accounts = $ ____________

Question 9: (1 point)

A cone has volume where is the radius of the cone’s base and is the height of the cone. Find the

height in centimeters of a cone with volume and radius centimeters.


Height of cone: ____________ centimeters

Question 10: (1 point)

A -foot tree casts a -foot shadow. At the same time, a nearby cell tower casts a -foot shadow. How tall (in

feet) is the cell tower?

Height of cell tower: ____________feet

Question 11: (1 point)

A professor drove from Denver to Boulder during rush hour at an average speed of miles per hour, and then drove

back the same way at an average speed of miles per hour.

If the round trip took 1 hour and 45 minutes, how many miles is the professor’s one-way trip from Denver to Boulder?

If the answer is not an integer, enter it as an exact decimal.

11 6 $91.00

V = π h,1 3

r2 r h

108π cm3 9

10 12 60

30 45




Question 12: (1 point)

A man and his assistant can rake the sand on a beach volleyball court together in minutes. If his assistant could do

it alone in hour, how many minutes would it take for the man to rake the court by himself?

It would take the man____________ minutes.

Question 13: (1 point)

Two pumps can fill a water tank in minutes when working together. Alone, the second pump takes times as long

as the first to fill the tank.


How many minutes would it take the first pump to fill the tank?


It will take ____________ minutes for the first pump to fill the tank.

24 1

256 4

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