Question 1




According to information prepared by David A. Lucht, founding director of the Worchester Polytechnic Institute’s Center for Firesafety Studies in 2004, fire research funding over the last thirty years in the United States has declined by:


[removed] basically remained the same over this period of time.
[removed] fallen steadily to just two deaths for every 200,000 people.
[removed] increased steadily to over 20 deaths for every 200,000 people.
[removed] fallen and risen during this period without any specific pattern.




Question 11




Discuss the research conducted by the U.S. Forest Service. Choose three of the following topics on which to focus: Smoking Regulations Signs, Public Awareness of Fire Prevention Importance, Fire Prevention Promotion and Enforcement, Enforcement of Fire Law, Media Uses in Fire Prevention Promotion, and Public Fire Education Research.




Question 12




Picture yourself as the nation’s Czar on fire prevention. You have the power and responsibility to do what is necessary to improve the country’s awareness, understanding, and need for fire and safety prevention. How would you accomplish this?




Question 13






Share with us a fire prevention and/or safetymedia success story!  What communications, planning and preparations were needed to make this a success story?


If you are not aware of a success story, please convey your plan of action to work with the media on a project you feel is very important to your organization and/or community.



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