Fundamentals of GIS Map Project

Esri Online Training Course: Getting Started With GIS Assignment #1: ESRI Online Course: Getting Started With GIS Deliverables: Print/Email GIS Certificate once course is completed; Complete and email: Getting stated with GIS Reading Assignment: Prior to beginning the online course, encouraged to explore the following links: What is GIS? History of GIS Careers in GIS About ArcGIS (Software Platform) Step 1: Getting Started with GIS Goals: • • • • Create a GIS Map Evaluate data for use in a GIS mapping project Visually analyze feature relationships and patterns on a GIS map. Share GIS maps and analysis results. GIS – Software To complete the online course, access to GIS software. Download Software on Personal Computer/Laptop: ESRI has a free 21-day trial subscription for ESRI account users. (ArcPro which included ArcMap 10.6) 1|Page Instructions: Complete the questions below based on the online training course Getting Started With GIS. Assignment Getting Started with GIS Name: Section Title: What is GIS? 1. Define GIS. 2. These systems ________ , _______ , and ______ trends in order to answer questions and make decisions. 3. Geographic information includes ______ and ______ information. 4. True or False: Spatial information tell us where something is, and the attribute information tells us what something is. 5. A GIS integrates_______ , _______, ____, and _ ________ into its comprehensive package. 6. What is one of the most common GIS formats? 7. GIS maps can be formatted to analyze trends, find ________ _______, and assist with future decisions. 8. What is ArcGIS Online? 9. In the exercise Using a GIS, What countries are adjacent to those infected with moscitotitis? 10. True or False: GIS is a geographic information source that only provides geographic information. Section Title: What is GIS data? 1. What is a feature? 2. True or False: Vector data represents features with distinct boundaries. 2 Getting Started with GIS 3. What are the geometries used to represent vector data? 4. True or False: A point has two pair of geographic coordinates. 5. What is a polyline? 6. True or False: A polygon has multiple pairs of geographic coordinates that are connected and closed. 7. A GIS creates a_ ________, or an association, between the attribute table and the feature. 8. Vector data uses ___________ _______ to determine where features are located. It uses _______ information to determine what something is. 9. Define Raster. 10. Explain how vector and raster data can be stored. 11. Define metadata 12. True or False: The Item Description is one form of metadata that provides some of the basic metadata information and a thumbnail of the feature. 13. In the exercise, Which data to use, What geometry is the Riverside_SewerL data? 14. True or False: Hospital buildings are an example of a polyline. 15. True or False: Aerial images to use as a reference is an example of raster data. Section Title: Navigating a GIS Map 1. What is a layer? 2. True or False: Layers can be turned on and off and reordered. 3. Moving the layers changes the ______that they draw on the map. 4. Define scale. 3 Getting Started with GIS 5. Navigating the layers in a GIS map will _________ the map scale. 6. True or False: Scale can be expressed as a ratio. 7. In the exercise, moving around a map, which continents have countries projecting the greatest change in population? 8. What are the two different views of a GIS map? 9. When is the data view commonly used? 10. What elements can you display in the layout view? Section Title: Finding Information 1. True or False: The Find tool will search the attribute values and find the corresponding features. 2. True or False: The Select By Location tool will find features based on their spatial relationship with other features. 3. True or False: When you click on a feature with the Identify tool, it will pop up a window of the feature’s attribute information. 4. The attribute table provides the __ and ____ used to search and query data. 4 Getting Started with GIS 5. What is an attribute query? 6. True or False: You can create a query based on several attributes by integrating “And” or “Find” into the query. 7. What are the three basic components needed to create a location query? 8. Features can also be queried based on their ______location in relationship to other features. 9. What are the four basic types of location relationships? 10. In the exercise Querying maps, how many records of threatened species did you find? 5 …

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