I think Ghost’s anger stems from his situation. He has a lot of outside stressors along with never being able to properly deal with what happened to him when his father tried to kill them. He lives every day in fear, feels horrible for being a burden, and then is bullied at school on top of it all and so he feels a lot of frustration for his position. I think he commits to things well, but because he has a lot of emotions he sometimes does things that can hinder his process in which he is committing to things. Ghost changes by the end of the book due to finally feeling accepted for who he is and understood while having a way to burn off his emotions and have a coping mechanism– it is very very realistic. “He gets to add family members when he joins the track team, and the beauty of that is everybody on his team is so different. They’re not from his neighborhood, and they have different experiences. But what they understand is what it means to run, and he gets to look them in their faces and he gets to be unashamed of who he is, and they get to be unashamed of who they are, and it is in that intimacy that their family is truly formed.” – Jason Reynolds. I liked this as it was very true as they learned about adoptions with different race parents, death of parents, living in a more expensive place, a parent who is not healthy but still loves her children– and they still are able to come together and grow despite these differences and how they might not have liked each other much at the start. “Lu gave me five, then repeated, “It’s me”– he pointed to himself–“and you” He put his finger on my chest.” I really liked this part because the book begins with him fighting against lu and seeing him as a rival he hated and then they end the book with them still being rivals but a friendly rivalry where he stands up for him and expresses that he is here for him and they shouldn’t worry about anyone else.

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