Global Pandemic

 I need 250 words Initial Post and two replies on other student. This is data driven decision making class.  Topic: Discuss a point you found interesting from this week’s reading(s) and/or video(s).RequirementsMake at least one explicit reference to something you learned in the reading or the video, with an inline citation of that reading/videoIf you’d like to relate this week’s materials to the global pandemic, or discuss course relevant topics related to data and/or decision making in the global pandemic, this is a space you can do so.Minimum 250 words. Word count does not include references.At least one in line citation and reference list in APA formatDue Saturday 11:59pSecondary Posts (2 posts, 25% of grade)Topic: Responses to other posts, or responses to responses to your postRequirementsMin. 50 words.Word count does not include references.

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