Week Six Assignment – I

This assignment would go over historical members of the Supreme Court who had substantial impacts on the history of the Supreme Court as an institution.  In this assignment, choose one of these historically substantial justices.  These justices had substantial impacts, I want you to research their legal accomplishments.  I want you to go over any famous court rulings over the course of the term of that Supreme Court Justice.  I have some of the major decisions of these listed judges.  What was the justice’s legal reasoning based on?  Did they use activist or judicial restraint based rulings.  Was the Justice historically significant in any other ways.  Write a 2-3 page double spaced paper with In-text citations and MLA formatted.  Make sure that you get the format right.  Go to the learning center if you need any help with this.  I will take off points for wrongly formatted papers.

The list of Justices include:

Thurgood Marshall

Sandra Day O’Connor

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Warren Burger

Antonin Scalia

Earl Warren (Brown V Board of Education)

John Marshall (Marbury V Madison)

Roger B Taney (Dred Scott decision)

Hugo Black



















Assignment – II

This exra credit assignment allows you an opportunity to start job hunting in political, government  interest groups, and think tanks.  I want you to look into job banks that supply political jobs. This assignment should be at least two pages, double spaced.   I want one double space page describing the organization that you have chosen.  I want you to go over what that organization does and how does it connect with the class.  The second page should discuss the career that you have specifically chosen.  This page should cover what the job specifically does.  From this, you should discuss what you have learned from this exercise.  What do you believe that the average person who works in a field revolving around the government does as a result from this assignment? Use MLA citations.

Useful sources:     https://www.politicaljobhunt.com/ ,     https://www.conservativejobs.com/ ,(Republican jobs),     https://careercenter.gainpower.org/  (Democratic jobs)    https://www.indeed.com/q-Policy-Think-Tank-jobs.html  (think tank jobs)

I highly recommend you do this assignment, it’ll be a great opportunity to see what political work entails


























Assignment – III


1.) What’s the difference between original Jurisdiction and appellate Jurisdiction.  Which types of legal disputes does the Supreme Court have original jurisdiction.


2.) What is the difference between civil and criminal law.  What’s the goals of Criminal and Civil law.


3.) What is the difference between Judicial Activism and Judicial restraint?  What are the arguments for both legal positions?  Which position do you agree with and why?


4.) What is Marbury v. Madison?  What was the effect of Marbury v. Madison on the Supreme Court?  What does this say about the role precedent plays in regarding constitutional law?


5.) What is the Supremacy clause in the Constitution?  What role does it play regarding the relationship between the Supreme Court and the lower courts?


6.) What is the relationship between public policy and the Bureacracy?


7.) What was the spoil system?  What happened to end the spoil system in the Bureacracy?  What was the law that ended the spoil system and what did it do to end it?


8.) What does it mean to privatize a government function?  Why are government functions privatized?


9.) What is an Iron Triangle?  What effect does it have regarding the Bureacrucy?


10.) What is the role of a regulating agency?  What types of policy do they implement?  What is an example of a regulatory agency and what area of policy does it regulate?



















Interest Group Project –


This is based on the interest group we choose last time- if you remember


Interest Group project. (100 points)


Part 1

During this semester, we will be focusing on the multitudes of groups that influence our government. This is essential because they play a huge role in policy creation and are one of the main-ways that people are able to be involved in our political process. The goal of an interest group is to represent their interest to the public. This paper will cover the history of the interest group, how this interest group engages the public, and how the group engages with policy makers.

In looking at the history of the group, why was the group was founded? Was there an event behind the group’s founding or caused the group to gain influence? Who funds the group? Is the group a public or private group? Describe the group’s principles and goals, and what they state that they have accomplished. Look for especially newsworthy events in which this group was involved in so that I can see that you understand the group’s goals and history.

Suggested: 2+ pages

When looking into how the group engages the public, look into what techniques it uses to persuade people to serve the interest. Is the interest group educational, or does the group specifically engage in political activism? The group may stage townhalls, protests, or push for voter turnout akin to a political party. Describe a specific practice of your group. Do you think it is effective, why or why not.

Suggested: 2+ pages

Interest groups engage with elected officials in many ways. Some engage in direct public pressure on politicians. They do this by creating scoresheets and questionnaires to determine where the politicians are on an issue. These often result in the group grading legislatures. They may often engage in lobbying, where the group sends experts on their issues to meet with legislators to inform them on their issues. Another major way that an interest group may engage with the government is bringing lawsuits to challenge the executive branch if they believe that the government is abridging people’s rights or failing to execute the law. In this part, please find examples of how the group engages with the state.

Suggested: 2+ pages

Summarize on what you learned about your interest groups. Is this group’s tactic effective.

What other tactics could the group use to accomplish their goals? Anything else you would like to add. What did learning about the group teach you about the government and what role interest groups play in the government.

½ to 1 page.