Grading Rubric for Outline

Grading Rubric for Outline (out of 50 points) Due Sunday of Week 5 Compose an outline of your final analysis paper and submit it for approval. Your outline must include three major headings with at least two sub-headings each. It will look something like this (with your own information): Title: Topic heading one o Sub heading topic o Sub heading topic Topic heading two o Sub heading topic o Sub heading topic Topic heading three o Sub heading topic o Sub heading topic Approval will be received in the comments area of your graded assignment, along with any other feedback your professor feels necessary to improve your topic. Write your outline in a Word document and submit it using the upload tool below. Use this naming protocol for your proposal: LastnameFirstnameOutline Criteria Points Conforms to formatting and no spelling or grammatical errors 20 Briefly describes the selected issue within each heading and subheading 30

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