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Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computerized adaptive test written in English. GMAT is a required test to scholarship applications for postgraduate education and masters’ degree program in most countries in the globe. Management programmes and more than 5800 businesses widely use and recognize this test. GMAT analyses integrated Reasoning, arithmetic, verbal and analytical writing skills which a candidate has developed in education or a field of occupation. The exam does not assess the job skills or a candidate’s specific knowledge in their undergraduate course.

Graduate Management Admission Test

What does a GMAT Exam Entail?

The GMAT test analyzes a candidate command of algebra, grammar, geometry, basic arithmetic and multi-source data analysis. Also, it determines the ability of a candidate to evaluate, think critically, interpret written material and solving problems. These exams contain four sections which take at most three hours to complete.

 The Analytical Writing Assessment

This is an essay section, which contain only one question to be completed in 30 minutes. The short essay helps business schools in analyzing the writing skills of a candidate.  For the writing task, a candidate gets an argumentative essay which contains a critical reasoning question which he/she should answer verbally.

Candidates own ideas are not required here; instead, he/she has a task of criticizing the authors argument, Reasoning and analyze the truth of the author’s evidence.  This section helps to determine whether the candidate can identify and explain parts of the discussion, come up with thoughtful and logically organized ideas and express them fluently in a well-understood statement.

Integrated Reasoning tests the capacity for problem-solving using data from various sources where the questions are in four different formats, namely; analysis of data, multi-source reasoning, part two analysis and interpretation of graphics.  It consists of 12 items with time allocation of 30 minutes.

Quantitative Reasoning consists of 31 questions answered in 62 minutes. It is the most mathematical part of the test, and it requires general knowledge of algebric mathematics and arithmetic geometry.  It consists of two separate questions namely problem solving and data sufficiency.

Data Sufficiency

This part consists of two data statements and a question. The candidate is required to analyze whether the reports contain enough data which he can use to answer the question.  The candidate should quickly identify the information needed to solve the problem and eliminate the other available choices.

Problem Solving

The question type here is standardized and classic as the candidate will get a question and a choice of five possible answers. The problem-solving part uses high school maths like plane geometry and algebra to test critical thinking skills of a candidate.

Verbal Reasoning section contains 32 questions to be answered in 65 minutes. It is a test command of written English, ability to read critically, and skills to analyze the arguments.

Critical Reasoning

Critical reasoning tests the skills of formulating a plan of action after coming up with arguments and later solving it.  The candidate gets a series of statements or short discussions and questions relating to it. For one to succeed, he/she requires to understand the structure of the arguments and analyze logically the connections involved between evidence and conclusion.

Reading Comprehension

These questions test reading skills of a candidate, mostly ability to differentiate essential ideas from those suggested by the author, summarize the main idea, make a guess out of the facts in a text, determine the form of the passage and draw a conclusion on the tone and attitude of the author about a given topic.

Sentence Correlation

The candidate gets long and involving sentence where part of it or the whole may be underlined and asked to get the structure of the underlined part from the original sentence. The question may contain one, two or no errors.

The GMT Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning is all computer adaptive which means they adapt according to a candidate ability level. Therefore the next question is determined by the answers you give to the current question. The computer starts with a common question, and if the candidate answers it correctly, the next question will be harder when the answer is incorrect a much easier question follows it.

This process continues until the candidate finishes all the tasks. Unfortunately, the candidate cannot edit or go back to the already completed exercises. Consequently, the number of incorrect and correct answers and the level of difficulty determine the GMAT score. A candidate should understand that there are fines imposed for leaving some questions unanswered after the exam is over.

What is Best GMAT Score?

BMA application requires a good GMAT score alongside other factors like an interview, essays, professional experience and qualifications. Therefore a good GMAT score does not guarantee an applicant of acceptance into an MBA programme, whereas slightly below average result does not disqualify a candidate from applying. Two-thirds of the candidates score 400 to 600 marks out of the overall 800 marks.MBA admissions at top business schools are 712 and 730 marks. GMAT scores have a validity of five years.

How do I Prepare for GMAT Exam?

A candidate should research on reputable sources which can provide tips, practical papers and online resources for preparation of exams. Graduate Management Admission Council provides a free starter kit, which is the best place to start. A complimentary starter kit has sample questions taken from GMAT exams featured in an adaptive computer process available in the actual test. After completion of the free mock exam, the candidate receives a score that should help him/her to decide whether to do personal practicals or to continue with the comprehensive preparatory course.

Is the GMAT Test Hard?

There are several aspects of a GMAT make it the toughest exam ever.  Its unique computer-adaptive format means a candidate cannot skip hard questions so that he/ she can review them later. The rule remains that the candidate must chose an answer and move on to the next question. Score rating is based on the correct answers given to the most difficult questions but also the correct answers given.  This means that it is important to answer tough questions very fast. The type of questions and formats seen here a candidate may not have seen them in the academic career. However, GMAT is a skill-based test that anyone can learn.

Exam Centres of Graduate Management Admission Test

Accredited test centres are available throughout the world, where GMAT exams take place. A candidate needs to register first with by opening an account with MBA .com. after which he chooses a convenient centre for him. A candidate should check into the examination area an hour before the reporting time so that he can complete security checks and other formalities efficiently. Also, candidates should not carry unnecessary things into the exam centre as it may create unnecessary problems with the security guards.


The GMAT exam helps a candidate to stand out during admission processes as it assesses problem-solving ability, analytical writing, while also addressing logic, critical reasoning skills and addressing the sufficiency of data. These skills are essential in management success and real-world business.  The course is convenient as it can be taken up to five times a year although the attempts should not exceed eight in a year. 

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