Has computer made life easier?

Has computer made life easier? Nothing in the recent centuries has simplified life more than a computer. Evidently, the invention of a computer brought numerous benefits to humanity and has continued to amaze with its ability to perform functions that would take man longer time to complete.


            A computer has made life easier in so many ways. The first innovation of a single computer led to development of laptops, tablets, ipads and iphones. With the modern technology, computers are now part of every job role. From homes, to schools, hospitals, companies, organizations, religious settings, no field can function without a computer. With a computer, one can enjoy buying and selling, booking holidays, paying fees, transacting from a bank, paying mortgage and paying any bills from the comfort of their homes. With a computer, everything is just a click away.


For schools, students and teachers have greatly benefited from computers. While students enjoy online research and completion of assignments, teachers can enjoy offering e-learning. Moreover, they enjoy online lectures to students across the globe, thanks to a computer. Hospitals are now able to share the latest inventions and medical advancements.

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This can be done from renowned doctors through medical websites and health pages making treatment extremely effective. Furthermore, companies and organizations now have the advantage of marketing their ideas and businesses globally through e-commerce and business websites locally, nationally and internationally. Through computers, many religious groups have been able to communicate and spread the gospel offering hope to millions.

Has computer made life easier?


The convenience, speed, effectiveness, accuracy, improved connection, communication and growing relationships represents a few of the numerous ways that computers have simplified life. Computers are a must and absolute requirement for this millennium.

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