Heart Disease Death Rates Between 2011 and 2013 Discussion

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Heart Disease

Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to present your data allows you to not only present data points but also gives you the chance of storing, analyzing, and presenting data in a graphic form that could be used by many different audiences. Many different programs and institutions use GIS to present information and interact with the public. As we explored earlier in this course, biosurveillance and syndromic surveillance use GIS as one tool to provide situational awareness to its users, and many public and private agencies in different levels (national and local) use different mapping solutions to present data.

For this Discussion, you will critique health data from a GIS.

To prepare:

  • Research the web for a map of health data from a GIS.

Post a critique of the map you selected and the health data it represents. Include the following in your post:

  • The map image
  • Describe the map (including: the outcome reported, main findings, and interpretation of the map)
  • Your critique of the map, describing its strengths and weaknesses




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