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MATH 106 QUIZ 5 NAME: _____ _________________ Professor: Dr. Katiraie INSTRUCTIONS

The quiz is worth 100 points. There are 10 problems (each worth 10 points). This quiz is open book and open notes, unlimited time. This means that you may

refer to your textbook, notes, and online classroom materials, but you may not consult anyone. You may take as much time as you wish, provided you turn in your quiz no later than the due date posted in our course schedule of the syllabus.

You must show your work to receive full credit. If you do not show your work,

you may earn only partial or no credit at the discretion of the professor. Please type your work in your copy of the quiz, or if you prefer, create a document containing your work. Scanned work is acceptable also. Be sure to include your name in the document.

Consult the Additional Information portion of the online Syllabus for options regarding the submission of your quiz. If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail ( ).

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Suppose P(C) = .05, P(M ∩ C) = .02, and P(M ∪ C) = .6.

Find the probability P(M ∩ C’) 1) _______

A) 0.956


B) 0.476


C) 0.55


D) 0.952


E) none of the above

2) Suppose P(C) = .048, P(M ∩ C) = .044, and P(M ∪ C) = .524.

Find the indicated probability P[(M ∩ C)’] 2) _______ A) 0.564 B) 0.568 C) 0.476 D) 0.956

E) None of the above




Use a Venn diagram to find the desired probability.

3) A survey revealed that 35% of people are entertained by reading books, 28% by watching

TV, and 10% are entertained by both books and TV. What is the probability that a person will

be entertained through neither a book nor TV? 3) _________


A) 70%


B) 54%


C) 47%


D) 86%

E) None of the above


4) Of the coffee makers sold in an appliance store, 5% have either a faulty switch or a defective cord, 1.9% have a faulty switch, and 1% have both defects. What is the probability

that a coffee maker will have a defective cord? 4) _________


A) 1%


B) 3.8%


C) 4%


D) 4.1%


E) None of the above

5) A survey of senior citizens at a doctor’s office shows that 60% of the seniors take blood

pressure lowering medication and 25% take cholesterol lowering medication. 15% take both

medications. What is the probability that a senior citizen takes either blood pressure or

cholesterol lowering medication? 5) _______


A) 70%


B) 89%


C) 61%


D) 75%

E) None of the above



Use the given table to find the probability of the indicated event.

Round your answer to the nearest thousandth.

6) College students were given three choices of pizza toppings and asked to choose one favorite.

The following table shows the results.



Toppings Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Total

Cheese 15 12 16 27 70

Meat 25 26 16 12 79

Veggie 10 12 25 27 74

Total 50 50 57 66 223



Find the probability that a randomly selected student prefers a Veggie

topping. (Round your answer to three decimal places) 6) _______

A) 0.309


B) 0.332


C) 0.391


D) 0.345


E) None of the above


Solve the following problem.

7) A pair of standard fair dice is rolled, and the sum of the numbers showing on the upper faces

is noted. What is the probability that a sum greater than 9 is rolled?

Hint: Please see section 8.2, example 2 7) _______


A) 1/9

B) 0

C) 1/2


D) 1/6


E) None of the above








Solve the following problems.


8) If two cards are drawn without replacement from a deck, find the probability that the second

card is a spade, given that the first card was not a spade.

Hint: Please see section 8.3, example 4 8) _______


A) 11/12


B) 11/51


C) 4/17

D) 13/51


E) None of the above

9) If two fair dice are rolled, find the probability of a sum of 10 given that the roll is a “double”.


9) _______


A) 1/6


B) 1/5


C) 1/4


D) 1/3


E) None of the above



10) Two marbles are drawn without replacement from a box with 5 white, 2 green, 2 red, and 1

blue marble, Find the probability that both marbles are white.

Hint: Please see section 8.3, example 4 10) ______


A) 3/32


B) 3/28


C) 2/9


D) 9/56


E) None of the above

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