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Here are the requirements for Response Paper #1.Write a minimum 3 page response to Macbeth. Worth 50 points.Macbeth(Links to an external site.)Prompt : Describe in detail three actors’ performances in Macbeth. Describe the choices those actors made – both physical and verbal. Were their choices logical and clear? Were there any choices you found unclear or unsatisfying?Be specific. Use your words. Use the vocabulary we’ve been building over the length of this course.Submit your paper as an attachment and email it to me by MidnightFriday, July 17th: [email protected]12 point font. Roman or other standard font. Double spaced. Not single. Not triple. Double spaced.Margins left and right of no more than 1”.Do not trust spell check. Spell check doesn’t know the difference between they’re, their, or there.Reread your paper out loud for clarity before submitting it.REMEMBER: YOUR PAPER SHOULD HAVE A CLEAR BEGINNING, MIDDLE, AND END. YOUR FIRST PARAGRAPH WILL DESCRIBE GENERALLY WHAT YOU WILL BE DISCUSSING: YOUR THESIS. THE BODY (MIDDLE) WILL CONTAIN DETAILS IN SUPPORT OF YOUR THESIS. THE END WILL BE A SUMMARY OF WHAT YOU DISCUSSED WITH A STRONG CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH.Do not review the plot of the play. I know the plot of the play. Demonstrate to me you watched and paid attention to the details of the play and the performances. Yes, you can briefly describe elements of the plot to make your points. Just don’t make your paper about the plot.Questions? Just let me know.

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