History of American Indians

You are a distinguished historian of American Indian history. For that reason, the President has asked you to advise him on the history of American Indians so that she will have the necessary background to make good decisions. In a written essay, clearly summarize your thoughts on what aspects of his history are vital to a well-rounded understanding. Your essay report should have three parts, spending at least 2 pages per part: Discuss 3 major themes of particular relevance to native people that you trace through the history of American Indians. Explain why these themes are invaluable for an understanding of Native American history. Discuss 3 people that add to the understanding of this topic (persons profiled may be “great,” or typical but obscure, but together they should provide a representative sample of individuals, either Native Americans or non-Native folks who had a major impact) and explain their significance. Discuss 3 important events in American Indian history and explain their significance. Remember that the purpose of this final examination is to exhibit your understanding of the course materials. REQUIREMENTS: At least two full pages of content per “part” or section. Specific quotes from course modules, the textbook, and/or course videos must be cited, both in-text with quotation marks and a parenthetical note AND in a bibliography at the end of the paper. (If you prefer Chicago Style, you may use that style instead.) Headings to separate out sections (themes, events, people) are recommended for clarity but are not required. ***The final paper must be in standard essay format: left-aligned, double-spaced, and in a standard 12pt font with 1″ margins all around.*** (Please use some of the sources attached)

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