history questions

•Describe how and why political parties arose.

•Explain why Thomas Jefferson thought Alexander Hamilton’s economic system “flowed from principles adverse to liberty, and was calculated to undermine and demolish the republic.”

•Who did Gabriel think might support his rebellion and why? How was the language of liberty and freedom invoked by Gabriel?

•Why was Napoleon willing to sell the Louisiana territory to the United States?

•Describe the ironies of the Jefferson administration. Compare his views toward a strong central government and his actions as president.

•The War of 1812 is sometimes referred to as the Second War for Independence. Do you think that this is an appropriate title? Why or why not?

•Reflect back on James Madison’s arguments in The Federalistthat diversity and debate would strengthen the republic rather than weaken it. Did the events of the 1790–1815 period prove Madison right or wrong?


Discuss how Americans’ understandings of freedom were changing to include economic opportunity, physical mobility, and participation in the democratic system.

•Discuss transcendentalism and its impact on defining freedom. Who were the major transcendentalists?

•Compare the experiences of the Irish and German immigrants. What was nativism? Why were many Americans so suspicious of newcomers?

•What were the major aspects of the market revolution?

•Explain how the ideology of individualism encouraged political movements.

•What were the key religious ideas and practices associated with the Second Great Awakening? Which denominations grew as a result of the Second Great Awakening? How did the Awakening take advantage of the market revolution? How did it criticize it?

•Women’s experiences in the market revolution were varied. Some women viewed working in the mills as freedom, while others viewed not working as a badge of freedom. Explain this apparent irony. short answers

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