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History Reading Worksheet #________/Chapter_______

The purpose of this worksheet is to give you a condensed version of the most important historical or central concepts within a given chapter. A “main idea” is a chief point an author is making about a particular historical period, or how she/he generally explains the change taking place over time. Typical historical writing is comprised of main ideas and supportive evidence that backs up an author’s claim, or interpretation of history. Your task is to record main ideas, not supportive evidence . You can paraphrase or use direct quotes that reflect or state a main point from the assigned chapter. A “response” is an original reaction or engagement with the text. This can be: a question , a connection to other material, state the significance, or importance . Worksheets must be typed, and main ideas should reflect content of the whole chapter.

Main Idea Response Page #



































Significant Historical Terms (choose 3 important terms from the Chapter)

Term Definition










Main Argument of Reading Selection (1-3 sentences max): Use the ideas you identified from the chapter to decide what the main point/argument the author is attempting to make in this chapter.







Reading Reflection (7 Full Sentences at a Minimum):

1) Explain the significance of the historical change that is presented in the chapter. Also, use this as your intellectual space to draw connections to your own experiential, cultural, and spiritual knowledge.