This assignment has 20 essay questions. 1- The general rule regarding self-defense is that a person must retreat if they can safely do so before using deadly force. Explain the “castle exception” to this rule. 2- Explain the choice-of-evils defense and present an example. 3- Discuss the differences between justification and excuse defense. Be sure to give an example of each. 4- List and explain the four elements of self-defense. Are there any exceptions to any of these elements? If so, explain. 5- Discuss the general rules on the use of force and deadly force. Be sure to provide examples. 6- What are syndrome excuses? Why should they be taken seriously? 7- Why is entrapment a defense? Compare and contrast the two tests of entrapment. 8- What impact did the acquittal of John Hinckley have on the insanity defense in the U.S.? Be sure to provide examples. 9- Discuss, define, compare, and contrast the four major tests of insanity. Which one do you think is best? Be sure to explain your position. 10- What are the two major approaches to the entrapment defense? Which one do you think is best? Be sure to explain your position. 11- Discuss the mens rea and actus reus of accomplice liability. Discuss some of the differences that might be found between jurisdictions. 12- Discuss the common law approach to parties to crime. Provide an example of each. 13- Discuss the difference between complicity and vicarious liability. Describe which crimes might involve complicity and which crimes might involve vicarious liability. Provide examples. 14- What are the four elements of most accessory-after-the-fact statutes? Provide examples of each element. 15- Compare and contrast accomplices and accessories. Why are accessories punished less severely than accomplices? Do you agree with this practice? Why or why not? 16- Describe the dilemma inchoate offenses present to free societies. Discuss the three different ways the problem of inchoate offenses are resolved. 17- What are the two rationales for the crime of attempt? Provide an example of each. 18- Define, compare, and contrast the various approaches to the actus reus of attempt. Provide an example of each. Which do you think is the best? Be sure to explain your position. 19- Discuss legal and factual impossibility regarding liability. Explain why one is a defense to attempt liability and one is not. Provide examples. 20- Define, compare, and contrast attempt, solicitation, and conspiracy. Be sure to provide an example of each.

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