Homework 3

please answer the questions below accurately and to the point. DO NOT reference something from a book and just answer the question directly and give examples if it ask for it.


Functional Assessment and Functional Interventions in Behavior Analysis

1. Mention the different methods for identifying preferred stimuli as positive reinforcements.

a) Provide an example, you may create a small case scenario in which you include preferred stimuli as positive reinforcement.


2. Applied Behavioral Analyst view behavior as occurring within a given context because individuals interact with their environments. Thus, behavior occurs in response to both individual and environmental variables Please mention three examples of environmental variables.


3. Explain the term Functional Behavioral Assessment “FBA”.

a) Describe the three major types of FBAs derived from Skinner’s work




4. Discuss Direct Observation and its relationship with Descriptive Methods.



5. Explain the term Differential Reinforcement (DR) and describe the various features that may be targeted through DR.



6. Describe the principles of positive and negative reinforcement and how you can use them to increase replacement and acquisition behaviors.



7. Mentions and explain two antecedent interventions that can be used to decrease or avoid escape maintained and attention-maintained behaviors.



8. Explain the steps involved and factors to consider in implementing extinction.



9. Provide two examples of Function-Based Extinction and punishment Procedures for Problem Behavior.



10. Develop a case scenario illustrating how Token Economy System can be implemented in targeting a desirable behavior to increase.

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