Second Mini Paper

How did the United States handle its new role in the world?


The United States went through a great deal and grew throughout the years. It was able to handle various impactful things like war, slavery, social class injustice, and economic difficulties. The United states was viewed as one of best countries due to its progression of the war between European nations which then became the war between all nations, this war was World War 1.

To begin with, In the book Reading the American Past Volume 2 Document 20-5, Emilio Aguinaldo Criticizes American Imperialism in the Philippines[footnoteRef:1], stated that “Now, the moral of all this obviously is: Give us the chance; treat us exactly as you demanded to be treated at the hands of England, when you rebelled against her autocratic methods”. Emilio Aguinaldo said this because he wanted United States citizens to give them a chance, that they had fought for that chance and deserved it. As capitalism grew the United States began to have some issues with their land and soil. The reason this happened was because of all the factories being made on the land for the people. Due to all the factories being made and the capitalism’s growth plenty more of the working class was mistreated and subjugated. [1: Johnson. Michael P. Reading the American Past: Selected Historical Documents. Fifth edition. Vol. 2. Document 20-5, Emilio Aguinaldo Criticizes American Imperialism in the Philippines, Case against the United States, 1899: Bedford/St. Martins, 2009.]

To develop their role in the new world the United States made a great effort in not getting involved with communism, which made Americans feel like the government will control their lives. Document 22-4 “The Case against the “Reds,” 1920, states “It is my belief that while they have stirred discontent in our midst, while they have cased irritating strikes, and while they have infected our social ideas with the disease of their own minds and their unclean moral, we can get rid of them! And not until we have done so shall we have removed the menace of Bolshevism for good.”[footnoteRef:2]. This caused Americans fear because it was written after the Bolshevik revolution in France, and citizens of the United States viewed Communism as something terrifying. Once the United States got involved in World War 1 against Germany, they did everything to establish their power on the new world. [2: Johnson, Michael P. Reading the American Past: Selected Historical Documents. Fifth edition. Vol. 2. Document 22-4 Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer Defends America From Communists, The Case against the “Reds,”1920: Bedford/St. Martins, 2009, page 133.]

Being involved in World War 1, ended up making a positive impact on America. Their win in the war made other countries view the United States as one of the highest world superpowers. Immediately after the war the United States began to see positive changes in the economy and their views towards woman. Since most men were at War, the jobs were given to the woman which led to them being recognized as more than a housewife, they could maintain a job as well. Due to this woman began to earn more rights which later on led to them being able to vote, which is the nineteenth amendment. As well as woman getting more rights, the economy grew, GDP and wages increased all around the United States. There were a lot more people in the middle class, because of all the jobs that became available after the war.

In conclusion, the United States handled its role in the new world very well, becoming one of the most powerful countries. Not allowing communism to be part of their nation was a very large contribution as to why America is so powerful now. Their involvement in World War 1 as well because it led to many great things like growth of economy and social justice.