How Managers Restore Trust

You are the newly hired senior manager of a major service provider firm (800+ employees) hired to clean up the scandalous mess left by the former senior manager. The company board fired most of the previous senior managers in light of the scandal of fraud and dishonesty and reached a financial settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice. Many customers left the firm due to many unaccomplished deliveries on time leading to dissatisfaction, and some other customers are on the verge of following the same example. The new CEO of the company, Dr. Allen Johnson, is a no-nonsense financial expert with excellent people skills. He realizes that public trust and employee trust have been badly damaged. He also recognizes the challenges of communicating to employees working in five countries and dozens of different locations. In fact, the former executives only sent occasional e-mails and basically relied on the chain-of command to “trickle down” messages. He has asked your team to come up with a communication strategy to “restore the trust.”

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