Mastering the Art of Time Management


Mastering the art of time management. There are very any misconceptions regarding what revolves around time management. Some students believe it is fixing more tasks in one day and solving them all, while others believe it is dividing roles according to days and solving them. When mastering the art of time Management, time is precious and limited. Although most students want a happy social life while still attending classes, they tend to manage their time poorly and sacrifice learning time for social life.

Mastering the Art of Time Management

Are you a student who is seeking to acquire tips on how to better manage time? Here are the top tips students should consider;

Setting Small Achievable Goals

Goal setting is the number step that must be taken by a student looking to manage their time better. Although some may reveal that they have set goals before and have not succeeded in managing their time, it could be due to the process they undertook when setting the goals.


The goals one set must be SMART. These means the goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Similarly, it is crucial to set small wins, which will motivate the student to manage their time after a win better.

Knowing their Limits

There is a tendency of students of being overconfident and taking more credits that they cannot handle. For example, you may find a student taking 18 credits, whereas they can only manage to tackle 15 credits in a semester. Although it sounds right taking up 18 credits, it may end backfiring since the time one is required to hang with friends is spent reading. The situation results in an imbalance in the school and social life.

The Art of Time Management |

Creating a Schedule and Adhering to it

It has been repeated time and time that a student must create a schedule to manage their time better. However, the aspect most people forget is that of adhering to the set schedule. The reason most people ignore to adhere to their schedule is that they only plan for their learning, and fail to schedule or time for fun. Scheduling entails you include all the activities that you undertake. Schedule time for fun, for learning, and for breaks that will help clear your mind.

Learn to Say No

Not every experience is worth your energy. If your schedule requires you to study, yet your friends are asking you to have fun; it is significant to learn how to stand up to them and say no. You are your boss. Do not hesitate to declare an affirmative no if you truly want to do something opposite than what you are being asked to do.

Prioritization - the key to making each day productive and achieving goals

Prioritize Wisely

Time management skills are only acquired if a student masters the art of prioritizing. A student should learn to arrange their tasks in various brackets which include essential and very urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not essential, and not urgent and not necessary. Classifying jobs under these segments will help a student to allocate their time wisely for all their tasks.

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