How Technology has Affected History

Write a 8 pages paper on how technology has affected history. Lives have been saved, businesses grow, environment is taken care of and everything seems to progress with the aide of technology. In particular, the recent breakthroughs in computers and internet have allowed people to connect to anybody anytime and anywhere despite of the distance geographically. Barriers have been overcome by the technology and people are able to enjoy the benefits. Despite of the benefits from technology, some downfalls are seen by scientists and other professionals throughout history. Those may pose hazard to the environment, human health, education, morals and many more. There are many factors involved in those negative consequences of using technology but those are not signs of the end of the world. They may signal the need for change, innovation and further studies to create new solutions to the spurring problems and challenges for the betterment of the world towards sustainability. As technology has been noted in the preceding paragraphs, reflecting upon the changes as it passes through the history may give a clear picture and understanding to the readers regarding the importance and impact of technology to human existence. History has been divided into different eras and for the study, three eras would be mentioned and discussed: Renaissance Era, Industrial Revolution Era, and Atomic Era. Each era would be provided with introductions and the technologies used for each. Afterwards, the advantages and disadvantages of the technology for each era would be analyzed and compared and contrasted to other technology from other eras. Renaissance started since the time of the High Middle Ages wherein various improvements happened in terms of the economy, society, politics and intellects. Its roots came from the Renaissance of the 12th century which was considered to be the developments to sprout at the latter part of the Middle Ages. It became the avenue for the advancement in arts, literature and science although scientific developments occurred at the latter part of Renaissance.1 Renaissance originally means rebirth and it was a cultural movement that spanned from the 14th century to 17th century and became a wide-scale movement throughout Europe. It had produced the paper and type sped that allowed quicker dissemination of knowledge but still some nations in Europe had not experienced its boom equally. In terms of literature, it developed the Latin literature across the Western continent and the popularity was attributed to Petrarch. In particular, he had made linear perspective and other artistic techniques together with the reformation of education.2 The developments had given way to the practices in the Modern Era such as the conventions in politics through diplomacy and the importance of observation that became the primary tool for science. Renaissance had also catered to the developments of the polymaths who were considered to be geniuses in various fields of knowledge and abilities like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. They were known as Renaissance man as being such is attributed to the name of the era. Various issues had been laid down with the concept of the polymaths and even with the name Renaissance and its very existence.3 Some viewed Renaissance as just a part of the former eras with high respect for classical ages as culture and arts flourished.

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