Surviving a Student Exchange Programme

Surviving a Student Exchange Programme. Studying in another country, especially abroad tends to entice a couple of students. It is exciting participating in a student exchange program since it helps a student learn more about a new environment. However, surviving a student exchange program is not as easy as it may sound. There are certain factors that a student can put in action to help them survive the exchange program. These factors entail;

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Keep your paperwork in check

Student exchange programs are quite common in multiple universities in the world today. However, for one to be eligible for an exchange program, they must ensure their paperwork is correct. Staying abroad may come to an abrupt halt if one is found with incorrectly filled out forms. Hence, a student is advised to plan ahead of traveling and ensure their paperwork is in order. These include documents such as the medical notes, the student visa, passports, among other documents.

Research on your new destination

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Students may assume that the place where they are moving will have the same style and joints. However, this is not the case. Surviving a student exchange programme is critical. Each country has its vibe, which brings something new to the table. A student is required to carry out their research before moving. The research will help them discover what to pack based on the weather patterns in the new location, the best place to acquire accommodation, the lifestyle in the new country or state, and the laws in the destination where you are headed.

Budgeting carefully and spending mindfully

Study abroad: student experiences during COVID-19

There are temptations to spend, especially when one is in a new environment. The change in scenery may trick one into believing that they are on holiday, whereas they are not. Most students operate on a budget. Although this may frustrate students who love spending, it is essential that they spend wisely and spend mindfully. To ensure they are in a better financial position, students can search for scholarship programs that can help save the extra coin when it comes to payment of their school fees.


Again, students in a new country may forget they are there to study and not for a vacation. Despite the culture shock, the fantastic attractions in the country, and the malls that may be a significant distraction, it is crucial to remember why one is in the country in the first place. Sometimes students involved in the exchange program may experience difficulties, especially in situations where the classes are taught in the local language. In such a scenario, it is essential that the student approaches the professor and informs them of the language barrier.

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Travel whenever you get the chance to do so

Although you are there to study, it is also essential to travel around and enjoy the scenery in the new residence. Exploring will help you clear your mind, especially during the academic breaks, and also get to visit famous destinations. Ensure you travel in the company of school buddies you trust and local students who can help you maneuver through the country or state easily.

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