How to Write a Nursing Research Critique Paper

How to Write a Nursing Research Critique Paper. At one point in their coursework, nursing students will be required to critically analyze and critique a specific quantitative research article, or any other scientific work. The key to writing a good nursing research critique paper is to research the material one has been given exhaustively, analyze the content presented, and then critique the information synthesized.

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Although the steps to writing a research critique paper may sound straightforward, they tend to confuse most people. Other students lack adequate time to carry out the required research, consequently making them develop a weak critique of the scientific material given. Are you struggling with your critique paper? Well, here are the simple guidelines to use to write a comprehensive nursing research critique paper;

Analyze the Title

The title tells the reader what the content is all about. When analyzing the topic, try and research if the title is concise and also whether it focuses on the content provided. A good title should tell the reader the nature of the study used if the work being described primarily is descriptive.

Analyzing the Authors

A critique also entails a student to look at the author of the work provided. The genre of work of the authors and their level of experience will tell you, for example, if the author has the research expertise and knowledge to carry out the study in question.

Scrutinize the Abstract

PDF) Critiquing �Nursing Research

An abstract is an essential section of any research paper. Most students tend to include irrelevant information in the abstract, a mistake that causes them good grades. Evidently, scrutinizing an abstract is relevant for your research critique paper since it identifies of this segment has a summary of the study.

Analyzing the Literature Review

The literature review is another essential part of a research paper. It contains material that tends to relate to the problem at hand. When scrutinizing the literature review used, it is necessary to identify the currency of the source and if also the material relates to the primary theme or not.

A Nursing Research Critique Free Essay Example

Scrutinizing the Hypothesis

A hypothesis is very critical in nursing research paper writing. A student must analyze how well the researcher has proved if their hypothesis is null or alternative. In instances where there is no hypothesis, a student should evaluate the research questions.

Analyzing the Methodology

The methodology is yet another relevant section in any research paper. It stipulates the methods tapplied in the research to acquire data. As you analyze this segment, try to look at the data instruments used and their reliability. Moreover, look at the approaches used (whether quantitative, qualitative, or mixed), and the validity of the data acquired using the data collection instruments.

Sample Quantitative Nursing Research Article Critique – Homework in college

Scrutinizing the Data Collection Process

Data collection requires adequate time allocation for competent completion. In addition, as you analyze this section, evaluate if this section has met all the necessary ethical considerations. Moreover, evaluate the data collection tools, and their validity.

Analyze the Data Analysis and Conclusion

In a nutshell, data analysis entails the use of statistical analysis tools such as SPSS. In addition, scrutinize the reliability of the methods and the discussion of the interpreted data. Moreover, scrutinize the developed conclusion at the end of the study.

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