HRM Homework

Discuss the types of operational conflicts that occur in an international context because of different attitudes toward time, change, material factors, and individualism. Provide two or three examples.


                                                         CLASSMATE’S POST

Time: Punctuality is very important it shows the good character in a person. A person who is always on time for his appointments shows real consideration for others. In some countries like the US, where time is not seen as very significant, your lateness would not matter at all.  Now a day’s doctors schedule you at two different times, expecting you to be late. The concept of time is very different for Latin Americans than for North Americans. Although, time keeping is still important in other cases. Like school, making you turn in your assignments on time is important to pass a class and graduate with good grades.

Change: We live in a time where change happens every minute of the day, and successful people embrace change instead of trying to fight against it. Although, change can be difficult to some people. It is important for our generation to embrace change and to find different discoveries and change the way the world is being ran with technology. Older folks dislike the idea of technology. And others think technology will advance us together as a human race.

Material factors: Due to the differences in cultural backgrounds, people from different culture take a different attitude towards nature. People understand the material and spiritual values. When in America, we are taught to value the material factors of goods.

Individualism: It means work independently, by yourself.  Even though we all know that we need people in our lives to achieve specific goals. I believe individualism can consist in achieving personal goals, like losing weight, buying a home, getting your master’s degree. But in China, they believe in team spirit, to fight with the pursuit of personal success and goals consistency and everyone to form as a team. As the textbook says: “we all rise or fall together.”

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