Human Impact on the Planet Biodiversity

write an article on Human Impact on the Planet Biodiversity. It needs to be at least 2250 words. The high population has exerted intense pressure on the capacity of the earth to support the population, hence leading to loss of habitats as a way of clearing land for settlement and development. Moreover, these activities have contributed to adverse effects such as climate change and global warming. On the contrary, all is not lost. there is the application of sustainable development practices in all facets of advancement that has improved the quality of biodiversity on planet earth. This is discussed in detail in the discussion that follows.The rise in human population levels is a key factor that influences the activities on the human planet. Overpopulation implies that there are a larger number of individuals than there are resources to address their issues. All the environmental issues we confront today can be followed back to the increment in the populace on the planet. The human populace stands at 6 billion. with a yearly worldwide development rate of 1.8%, three more individuals are added to the earth consistently. The increase in population calls for an increment in food production and the need to improve in economic output. Moreover, the population explosion is one of the major driving forces of urbanization, globalization, and industrialization. Much as all these advances in technology are beneficial to the human populace. they have been employed to extremely unsustainable levels that have led to the current instability experienced on the human planet. A high population is indicative of strong demand for housing, food, and other social amenities. The discouraging fact is that much as the population is increasing, the quantities of natural resources on the human planet are not increasing.&nbsp.

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