Human Lifespan Development

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses human lifespan development. The first crisis normally sets in from early to mid adolescence, which is referred to as the identity versus identity, confusion crisis. It is representative of the person’s struggle to get a balance between an individual and unique identity and still be able to fit into the crowd, in addition to, being accepted. Therefore, the young person must establish whom. they would like to be, as well as how others will perceive them. This theory postulates that when a young person is able to navigate this crisis successfully, they emerge with a clear comprehension of whom they are and are able to share it with others, which enables them to attain a well adjusted and healthy life. They also become confident people and are able to associate freely with society sans losing sight of whom they are. When they are unable to navigate this crisis. however, they are not certain of their identity and are socially disconnected from others (Dacey et al, 2009). They can also attain an exaggerated sense of how important they are and could adopt extremist tendencies. In the article Identity Formation in Adolescence: Change or Stability by Klimstra et al, the authors sought to examine the manner in which identity information, in adolescents, can be adolescents can be best described. In addition, their study also set out to seek a clarification on commitment development explored in earlier studies that had been inconclusive and unreliable. The study was longitudinal in nature with five waves and an overall aim of comprehensively studying stability, and change in formation of identity in youth aged between the ages of twelve and twenty (Klimstra et al, 2010). The individual waves of the longitudinal study were separated by a one-year period. The samples of the study involved one thousand three hundred and thirteen participants, who were divided onto cohorts of early adolescence to mid-adolescence with an average age of 12.4 years and a cohort consisting of young people between middle and late adolescence with 16.7 as their average age. This was during the first measurement wave with standard deviations of .59 and .80 respectively. The first cohort consisted of 455 girls and 468 girls while 221 girls and 169 boys constituted the latter cohort. The entire range of 12 to 20 years was available during the study because the study involved five measurement waves. The adolescents who took part in the study were recruited randomly from high schools in the Dutch province of Utrecht (Klimstra et al, 2010). This population was assumed to be representative of the entire Dutch population because of its diversity. In order to recruit the participants, the researchers sent invitation letters to the participants and their parents/guardians, with a detailed description of what the study’s goals and objectives were while also explaining to them that it was possible to decline the invitation (Klimstra et al, 2010). For each wave, the participants who accepted to participate, which was 99% of the participants, were paid $15 and were required to sign an informed consent form. The High Schools from which the participants were picked from completed the questionnaires during annual assessments with the participants being guaranteed of their responses’ confidentiality (Klimstra et al, 2010).

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