Human Services

This is a final paper on a Ethics training manual for a Personal homecare. This paper must discuss the NOHS ethical codes that apply and help guide behavior for the manual. Describe the importance of the core values of integrity and community and how these core values fit into the ethical code and profession of the organization, also discuss how the values are the key to ethical behavior. Discuss how the core values are essential to creating a ethical culture, also provide a statement about the importance of values base thinking and behaving. Each topic must include an overview and written in bold.

Personal values- What are personal values? What are the personal values of the organization e.g Respect, Diversity, Excellence, Compassion, how would these values effect employees in their everyday life.

Ethics- What is Ethics when dealing with the Personal home care

Theory- What is the underlying ethical theory that guides ethical decision making in the organization. Select one ethical theory, and how it is important guiding our actions, behaviors.

Stakeholders- Who are broken stakeholders, describe and importance of organizational audits, reviews, and evaluations this should also be tied to funding and organizational rating.

Ethical leadership- What is an ethical leader, and what an ethical leader look like?

Corporate Social Responsibility- How is this part of the organization culture? Does it match the ethical framework and build trust among the public and community? Why is it important for the public opinion?

Corporate Culture- What is the organizational culture? How does it reflect ethical behavior? What are some of the consequences of negative Corporate culture? Does the language of the organization mission and vision indicate acceptance and respect for all individuals regardless race, age, gender, sexuality, disability, religion.

Consider the need for ongoing training, professional development, orientation of new hires and updates to existing staff. This paper must be 5 pages with APA formatting. Must include a minimum of 10 sources and not anything from Wikipledia. Must have a table of contents that includes Introduction, Ethical code, Core values, Discuss how the core values are essential to creating an ethical culture, the overview of core values, and conclusion. The running head should be HUS-510 training manual.

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