I Need 2 Response

first one

In my opinion, America’s election process is more than broken; it’s outdated, at times very complicated to follow and filled with so much drama and fighting. Many Americans would prefer to remain uninvolved, unregistered or what feels like; just vote for one candidate over the other out of spite rather than the candidates platform and views.  The election process should be fair and provide a clear and uncluttered view of the candidate and their stand on issues affecting the United States and its citizens.

How many states have voting machines that are updated? As recent as the 2016 Presidential election, it was clear for anyone with at least one eye open that many voting machines were old and not even outfitted with current software. Why do we still have the electoral college and why don’t we just vote for the candidate that we wish to see on the ballot? It is clear to see that the Framers of the Constitution thought about many potential problems. However, is it not problematic if a candidate could win the election with fewer popular votes over the other candidate? This has happened with Rutherford B Hays in 1876, Benjamin Harrison in 1888 and George W Bush in 2000.

We continue to hear reports about the dwindling numbers of voter turnout. Maybe if the United States made the registration process easier or possibly allow registration at the time a person receives a driver’s license, files taxes or even enrolls their child(ren) in school. After all, five states already have laws that make it mandatory when citizens go to the DMV. Maybe there would even be a way to allow citizens to vote through the internet. It all seems so overwhelming at times.

Many voters today, in my opinion, vote for one candidate versus the other just out of spite. We see in the news every election year, the mudslinging and attempted character assassination. The focus is then taken away from what the candidate knows, has experienced and can do while in office.

Voting doesn’t have to be outdated, complicated or spiteful. The most qualified candidate should be nominated and win. After all, it should be all about what is best for the United States and its citizens. I won’t presume to know the answer to solving America’s election process but, isn’t it obvious that something should be done?

second one

1. Yes, I do believe America’s election process is broken and need of a drastic change. From rigged elections to corrupt politicians to the biased forms of media we see on a daily basis, the entire start to finish with elections is definitely an outdated and broken process. I think our last election is a prime example of how confusing, misleading, and dis-satisfactory the U.S. election process is.

How can a country vote on important issues, including but not limited who runs our very country, if there is a lack of trust and ease for the people voting? What happens when there is a divide between what the people want and what is actually happening? As we can see in many issues today, ranging from the black lives matters movements to the conspiracies around our president, there are many things I believe the country needs to change and improve on what goes on in the government. Unfortunately, change never comes easily when there are drastic needs to be met and liberated.

I believe if our election process was improved, there would be a better dynamic throughout the entire nation. Looking at our elections today, you can easily spot a division among the people and the government. You can see the holes and the gaps where things need to be improved for the better. If we had a reliable, trusting resource of information, as unbiased as possible, so we wouldn’t be limited in our options, there would be a tremendous amount of satisfaction among the people. If we were able to get all the truth and facts surrounding the problems we face in our country, I truly believe the overall spirit of our country would improve. There are just an abundant amount of problems that need to be addressed and fixed in our country so there could not only be a better election process, but an overall higher satisfaction with the government and the people in it.

2. I think most pathways you could chose are tiresome, lengthy, and overall inconvenient in striving for change. However, out of all the options given, I think lobbying and the court process would set you up for the most change or support for the current election process. Lobbying would be a strategic way of effectively bringing change or support, because you use persuasion to help officials make decisions on certain laws and restrictions. Although it is, in a sense, corrupt because you could easily use money to your advantage, it could be one way to effectively meet with the very people making the laws being put into place. So lobbying could in many ways be effective in changing or supporting our current election process. I believe the court process would also be an effective way of creating change or support in the election process. It may be a long and tedious process, but once you finally are able to get your voice heard, there is a high possibility of change happening in whatever case you choose to make. I also feel like it could help you with change or support towards your cause because you could become more public in your opinion and may be able to gather support simply for being able to be heard from more people across the country, which would inevitably help you because the more support you have, the better off you could be.

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