I need someone who is experienced in GIS (Arcmap) for my project, programming homework help

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someone who is experienced in GIS

This project will give you the opportunity to either provide an analysis of a topic or lesson relative to GIS in Emergency Management.

Final paper

MS Word

5 – 9 pages in length including the map in the same word file,

Create your own GIS and Emergency Management Exercise (Lesson)

  1. Some of the tools you could use (You need to use at least 4 tools):

A) Distance

B) Select by Attributes

C) Select by Location

D) Map Layouts

E) Buffer

F) Clip

G) Dissolve

H) Intersect

Helpful Links:

Data: www.pasda.psu.edu

Examples: http://www.esri.com/industries/emergency-management

And I chose to talk about this:

For my project:

I will create a hypothetical incident in Lancaster county. I will locate hospitals, trauma centers, and other healthcare facilities needed, and what are the closest medical facilities to the incident. Additionally, I will determine the population of Lancaster to identify if the hospitals can cover the affected victims in that area or not.


  • PASDA maps (www.pasda.psu.edu)
  • Census data (to count the population of Lancaster county)


1- Distance

2- Buffer

3- Select by locations

4- Select by attributes

The project must be in word including the maps and descriptions.

someone who is experienced in GIS

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