Identifying And Interpreting Descriptive Statistics

Identifying and Interpreting Descriptive Statistics


Examine the survey results downloadable from the link below. Choose one of the items, determine the descriptive statistic that is reported, and indicate what it means. For example, “What is the highest level of education of this group?”



1. What is your initial level of education in nursing?

a. High school 54.7%

b. Associate’s degree 23.1%

c. Baccalaureate degree 21.9%

d. Graduate degree 0.1%



2. If you hold an associate’s or baccalaureate degree, what was your prior degree in?

a. Medical-related degree or certificate 63.1%

b. Teaching 16.2%

c. Accounting 0 .7%

d. Business administration 1.2%

e. Other 18.8%


3. Do you have a prior healthcare occupation in any of these fields?

a. LPN 19.1%

b. CAN 63.0%

c. EMT/paramedics 11 1%

d. Pharmacy technician 0.3%

e. Surgical technician 3.7%

f. Dental hygiene 2.9%

g. Other 0.2%


4. What is your age?

Average age is 41 years


20–24 4.1%
25–29 3.6%
30–34 13.2%
35–39 15.5%
40–44 17.6%
45–49 28.0%
50–64 21.4%
65 and over 0.2%


5. What is your gender?

Male 7.5% Female 92.3%


6. What is your racial or ethnic background?

a. Hispanic (of any race) 3.0%

b. American Indian or Alaska Native 0.5%

c. Asian 2.5%

d. Black or African-American 15.8%

e. Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 0.2%

f. White 69.1%

g. Race or ethnicity unknown 8.6%



7. What is your family status?

a. Married 70.5%

b. Widowed, divorced, or separated 18.1%

c. Never married 9.2%


8. Do you have children?

a. No children 56.2%

b. One child 24.9%

c. Two children 11.5%

d. Three or more children 5.6%


9. What is the time zone where you live?

a. Eastern 34%

b. Central 29%

c. Mountain 19%

d. Pacific 18%



10. Do you own your residence?

a. Yes 61%

b. No 39%



11. Please indicate how prepared you felt to enter nursing school.

a. Extremely prepared 15%

b. Prepared 37%

c. Neither prepared or unprepared 28%

d. Prepared 15%

e. Extremely unprepared 5%



12. Why did you decide to pursue a baccalaureate degree in nursing?

Themes from respondents

· Desire to help others

· Lifelong dream

· Ability to advance

· Availability of jobs

· Earning potential

· Loss of previous job



Class Survey: Hypothetical Data Results. Wk 6.docx

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