Importance of Learning History

The importance of Learning History is enormous. Nowadays it is often argued that learning about the past is not important since information people acquire is not practical and cannot be implemented. However, this is not true since history gives valuable sources of understanding societies and different people. Studying history also provides people with knowledge of predicting the future trend and constructing an individual’s identity.

Learning history enables people to know about valuable things like politics, making politicians familiar with past events. Moreover, history creates past experiences and frames the steps of development. However, individual are able to understand diverse social mechanism and various examples of events. In addition, things happening today results from the past and will have an influence on the future. Basically, people avoids mistakes done in the past hence ending up making proper decision. Most of the conflicts resulting from the politics stems from the past. Through history, one can find lessons as well as experiences in which people can tell right measures from ones which are wrong.

Importance of Learning History

Furthermore, past events are vital for the people’s culture (Carmeli, & Schaubroeck, 2008). In order for the culture to grow, information is passed from previous generation to the next one. Also history can be regarded as reading a narrative book. However, this makes reading more interesting since the characters are real individual who once lived. Basically, people learning the history of their country creates identity and feeling of belonging to a certain community.


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History is the teacher thing that can demonstrate to us how to differentiate right from wrong. A person can gain more than they expected once they learn the past. It can be considered a great adventure since individual are able to understand, today’s events.


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Carmeli, A., & Schaubroeck, J. (2008). Organisational crisis-preparedness: The importance of learning from failures. Long Range Planning41(2), 177-196.

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