Importance of Telling the Truth in Relationship

There is importance of telling the truth in relationship. Most people in relationships fail to define telling the truth versus twisting factors on occasion to spare the other person’s feelings. However, one cannot say with certainty that honesty is the most important consideration in a relationship. This arise from the fact that loyalty, sensitivity, selflessness and trustworthiness are strong contenders in a relationship. It is however evident for most relationship that communication is imperative in maintaining any relationship. Indeed, according to Firestone & Catlett, (2018), interpersonal relationships fail due to duplicity and lack of effective communication.

Importance of Telling the Truth in Relationship

One of the reasons why telling the truth always is crucial arise from the fact that lying to the other person erodes trust. This y destroys the relationship. No one can trust a liar. However, when one makes it a habit t always tell the truth in a relationship then they strengthen their relations. This is because they can share their innermost feelings with each other and be secure in the knowledge that they are always going to get comfort and honest advice.

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Additionally, honesty is a great virtue to practice in one’s relationships because it makes them comfortable and emotionally stable. On the other hand, lying induces a feeling of guilt and can burden them with negative feelings that come from dishonesty. Furthermore, lying to one’s relations also shows a lack of respect or kindness for them. In addition, the benefit of building trust and confidence in the relationship, far outweighs that of sparing the other person from hurt feelings at the time of telling the lie.

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Consequently, I believe that honesty is a crucial consideration for every relationship and makes the parties in the said relationships feel more comfortable and closer to each other which also boosts confidence and satisfaction. Evidently, any relationship especially personal relationships should stand on the basis of truth since it is one of the most important considerations in any relationship.

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