inside perspective of me

I am writing a paper Inside perspective of me the key points I want to talk about is why did I choose certified nursing assistant is because of my mother who has COPD and breast cancer her illness started in 2007 I became her caregiver after completing the class at Kilgore College in Longview Texas I became my mother’s caregiver in 2016 till her death in April 26th 2019. I’ve been certified nursing assistant for 5 years working various locations such as State Hospital UT Health East Texas long-term acute. Haven Care Nursing and rehab facility. I am a Disney fan some of things I want to talk about is the Disney College internship describe in details about this college internship. I did January 30th 2017 till June 16 2017 Working as a host in Magic Kingdom also my perspective transition from certified nursing assistant becoming a medical assistant

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