Internet Assignment Paper

Internet Assignment Paper. Students will complete an internet assignment on a Texas Governor’s veto/pocket veto. Students will demonstrate sophomore level research skills in getting the story and sophomore level writing skills in telling the story of the veto/pocket veto chosen. _____________________________________________________________________________ As defined, here is a required outline of the paper. Again, this is a required outline that must be followed. Intro: -Begin by casting a wide net. -Describe the Governor’s constitutional veto/line item veto authority. -How may a Governor veto/line item veto a bill? -Give general reasons why Governor’s veto/line item veto bills. -Say how often Governors attempt vetoes/line item vetoes and how often they are successful. -Which Governor attempted the most vetoes/line item vetoes, which the least? Why? -Which Governor was the most successful and which the least? Why? Body: -Read or re-read relevant parts of chaps 4 and 5 of the text. -Google “list of Texas Governor’s vetoes” and/or go to: -Choose any veto from Henderson to Abbott. -State why you chose the particular veto/line item veto. -Introduce and describe the bill that was vetoed/line item vetoed. What was the bill intended to do? -Talk about its passage -What were the Governor’s reasons for the veto/line item veto? -Tell the story of the veto override if an override was attempted. -A description and analysis of one or two related vetoes/line item vetoes or overrides may be included. Conclusion: -Describe the impact/consequences of the veto/line item veto in terms of public policy etc. -State your reaction to the veto/line item veto. -Take issue with or laud the Governor’s rationale for the veto/line item veto with sound reasoning. -Do you agree with the veto/line item veto as a concept? If you agree, would you make any modifications? Such as? -If none, why not? If you disagree with the veto/line item veto as a concept, do you prefer that Governors register their disapproval of a bill some other way? What would that be and why? -What did you learn? What questions do you have about the veto/line item veto, the veto process or the issue in question? ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Students are advised to seek the help of tutors at the writing lab as all the rules of common writing are expected to be kept-paragraphing, punctuations, spelling, grammar etc. Students should not be verbose and should pretend that the reader is a very bright 9th grader. Great writing aims to communicate with the readers, not impress them. Internet Assignment Requirements Students must use at least two (2) internet sources and must document direct quotes or paraphrased information that are/is included in the papers in the Modern Language Association (MLA) style. For information about the MLA style or how to cite internet sources, consult the ACC Learning Resource Service’s MLA Documentation Guide at The paper must be at least 3 whole pages in length counting neither the cover page (name, course & class time) nor the works cited page both of which are required. It must have one-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right) and must utilize the Times New Roman font size 12 ONLY. Papers must be double-spaced. Papers that violate any of the above requirements will be penalized 2 points per requirement and/or 10 points per page or its fractions correspondingly. Students must avoid plagiarism and collusion. See academic dishonesty under Course Policies below. Students whose paper grade is very substantially different (in the sole judgment of this professor) from their test scores may be required to visit with me and demonstrate sole authorship of the paper by answering questions about it. Students who fail to demonstrate sole authorship of their paper will be deemed to have committed scholastic dishonesty and will be disciplined accordingly per college rules. Due date for the paper is July 26th. Late papers will be penalized 20 points. The paper is worth 40 points.

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