Interview Of A Parent


Interview one member of a family with a young child who is involved in some type of care or educational program. Ask the following:

· What are some of the biggest issues the parents and child struggle with in regard to education?

· What ways are the school administrators and teachers addressing their needs and providing support to them?

· How do they communicate with educators about their child and how is the communication reciprocated?

· Does the parent believe the school supports their cultural and diversity needs and is in sync with their own beliefs toward education?

Actively listening to parents and discovering the issues and problems that are affecting them is vital to helping promote a positive learning environment for children. Share the findings you discovered through your interview this week, taking care to not identify the family by name. Identify any positive or negative issues related to home-school communication and how or if the school is appropriately addressing diverse needs.

1 1/2 pages, APA style, 2 sources

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