Directions: Write an essay that is two pages in length and addresses the components listed below. Use your textbook and outside resources, such as those found in the LIRN Library, to support your work. Please use proper APA citations when using any source, including the textbook. Please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for concise APA guidelines.


  1. Identify and describe three or four needs of the various populations served in the criminal justice profession.
  2. Identify and fully discuss any diversity concerns. Please ensure that your research includes several of the recent cases that have been discussed in the media.
  3. How does the criminal justice professional address the needs of a diverse population?
  4. What are the perceptions that society has about the profession?
  5. What can be done to remove the negative stereotypes—both on the part of the police and the public—associated with the profession?





Directions: Please write a one to two paragraph response for the following case scenario. Each paragraph must be five to seven sentences in length. Be sure to cite any references used. Please use proper APA citations when using any source, including the textbook. Please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for concise APA guidelines.


Scenario: Officer Giveaticket is newly graduated from the Police Academy and has a real passion for her work. During her day shift, she likes to position her patrol car behind some oak trees near a shopping mall that has a stop sign positioned right before entry onto a side road. Officer Giveaticket enjoys pulling over every car that doesn’t come to an absolute stop before proceeding onto the side road. During the evening shift, Officer Giveaticket responds properly to disturbances of the peace and domestics. She has a very business-like approach and prefers to arrest rather than “counsel” citizens about their actions. She is willing to testify at court and “let the judge sort it out.” On the midnight shift, Officer Giveaticket patrols developments and conducts business checks while carefully looking for any open or unlocked doors that might lead to a crime in progress. What operational style of police work would she fall under? What are the advantages and disadvantages of her using this style?





Directions: Please complete the following task.


Task: The websites listed below are dedicated to law enforcement careers. Visit each of the websites. Next, select two municipal police departments—one large and one small—and one county sheriff’s department that lists the agency’s employment qualifications on their website:



Once you have completed this, please find the qualifications for a private security officer through other applicable career sites provided by Security Jobs Network ( or Bureau of Labor Statistics – Security Guard ( Make a list of the similarities and differences between police and deputy sheriff qualifications and private security officer qualifications. Given your background and abilities, for which type of work would you be best suited? Why? Your response should be a minimum of two paragraphs that consist of five to seven sentences each. Please give specific examples to support your work.