Is winning important in a game?

Is winning important in a game? The essence of any game is winning and appreciating the effort that makes one better that their opponents. When participating in a competitive game especially, a win makes the player and team proud taking home numerous awards and recognition. Through winning, a team weighs the progress and growth so far, becoming more motivated to improve. Without motivation, competing and working harder becomes almost impossible. It therefore is important to win in a game so as to measure how well one is progressing.

Is winning important in a game?

            Winning does not only motivate a player or players but also challenges them to aim higher than their current achievement. While winning may seem like an accomplishment at that moment, it is important to appreciate the fact that winning is like a process where ones keeps growing. After crossing one level successfully, you have to work even harder to cross the next level otherwise remain stagnant in that level. Human beings grow in the midst of challenges and not while content.

Why Winning and Losing Is Important for Children

An achievement should not only make one feel proud but it should also motivate them to grow and improve beyond their set goals. While winning is emerging better than others, not winning is also important to a game. Not winning a game offers a great lesson to any competitor as it allows one to reflect on what they should have done better. It becomes a source of inspiration for one to work harder.

The Role of Winning in Youth Sports - Rutgers Youth Sports Research Council

            In conclusion, the pride, joy, sense of achievement and awards that come with winning a game make it the main goal of any player. Winning is very important to a game as it motivates the player to set even greater goals.

Point of the Game: Sports Ethics: Why is Winning So Important? Part I & II

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