Journal Article

Please read the paper and complete the associated worksheet by the due date .   You may download the worksheet, fill it out, and submit it via Canvas once completed.   The paper and worksheet are available, however the submission portal will not open until Feb 8th at 8 am.   It is recommended that you complete the worksheet after you have read Chapter 4 and listened to the associated lecture.



Developmental Psychology

Baillargeon (1987) Object permanence in 3 ½ and 4 ½ month-old children


Answer each to the best of your ability while keeping in mind the assigned article. Worksheet is due 2/12/21


1. Complete the chart below. 12 pts

  Experiment 1 Experiment 2
Ages Tested    
Habituation consisted of?    
Control group test?    
Experimental group test?    
Dependent variable(s)    
Independent variable(s)    



2. What were the results? Hint, look at the test trials in Figures 2 and 3 along with the text. 4pts

  Experiment 1 Experiment 2
Control group


Experimental group




3. How does Baillargeon explain her results? Why does she think kids behave in this way? 5 pts







4. What might be an alternative explanation for her findings? Think critically about potential third variables, or reference lecture notes on different theories to give you ideas if you are stuck. *There is no right or wrong answer, but you MUST explain WHY you think your reason could lead to the same results as Baillargeon. 4 pts

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