Journal Article Review

Select one of the key terms listed below. Your submission must include the following information in the following format:Key Terms:Ethical tactics in Negotiation Deceptive Tactics in NegotiationCultural influences to NegotiationThe Golden RuleDEFINITION: a brief definition of the key term followed by the APA reference for the term; thisdoes not count in the wordrequirement.SUMMARY: Summarize the article in your own words- this should be in the 150-200-wordrange. Be sure to note the article’s author, note their credentials and why we should put anyweight behind his/her opinions, research or findings regarding the key term. Name the title ofthe article and the author(s).ANALYSIS: Using 300-350 words, write a brief analysis, in your own words of how the articlerelates to the selected Key Term. Provide your personal critique of the article and the author(s).See the tips posted in Moodle as a guide. A Journal Article Review analysis is not rehashingwhat was already stated in the article, but the opportunity for you to add value by sharing yourexperiences, thoughts and opinions. This is the most important part of the assignment.REFERENCES: All references must be listed at the bottom of the submission–in APA format. Be sure to use the headers in your submission to ensure that all aspects of the assignment are completed as required.Any form of plagiarism, including cutting and pasting, will result in zero points for the entire assignment.

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