Law Assignments

  • Chapter 1

    Putting It All Together

    Your office represents Mr. Thomas Wilson, President of Acme, Inc., in an action against Eastern Moving & Storage Co., of which Mr. Stuart Green is president, for damage to certain property of Acme sustained in a recent relocation.

    Show proper spacing, placement, and capitalization for the caption and heading of the Stipulation for Judgment to be prepared by your office and reflecting the following information:

    Court: Calhoun County Circuit Court for the State of Michigan

    Case No. 93-12345

  • Chapter 2 Assignment

    Contracts Project

    Prepare a contract between Gordon Ramsay and Bravo Network (“Bravo”) for Bravo to televise Ramsay’s new television program, Kitchen Heavens. Bravo is a Florida corporation. Bravo is to produce the show, locate appropriate restaurants, negotiate television contracts with the restaurant owners, and market the show. All contracts negotiated by Bravo must be approved by Ramsay in writing.

    This contract is for the production of five (5) television seasons, beginning August 2011.   Bravo shall pay Ramsay $100,000 per episode with approximately fifteen episodes per season. Ramsay will be paid per episode when the episode is finished filming. In the event the show is unsuccessful, Bravo has the option to buy Ramsay out of the remaining contract for $1,500,000 (one season’s worth of episodes). This option can be exercised at any time after the first full season has aired.

    Ramsay must meet all production schedule deadlines and provide expert commentary on why the subject restaurant is running so heavenly. Ramsay also must not enter into any new television contracts with competing television networks for a period of one year. This non-competition period begins when the contract begins, August 2011. However, this non-compete provision does not apply to already existing shows in which Ramsay participates.

    We want to put an attorney’s fees provision in the contract that says that in the event of litigation between the parties to this contract, the losing party will pay attorney’s fees to the prevailing party.

    The contract is for 5 seasons but may be automatically renewed for a sixth season by Bravo provided they increase Ramsay’s salary per episode to $300,000.  The contract automatically terminates on Ramsay’s death or, as stated above, may be terminated at Bravo’s option via the buy-out.

    Ramsay shall be chauffeured in a stretch limo to and from every production site. He will have a private dressing room, the right to choose his make-up artists and wardrobe, and he must be provided three high quality meals a day from the restaurants that are the subject of the Restaurant Heaven episode.

    With respect to Bravo Network, make sure you prepare the document to have Bravo’s president, Felipe Garza, as the signature.

    This contract should not exceed three (3) pages, so make sure you edit carefully and don’t repeat yourself.

    Also, do not take the language from the fact pattern and directly insert it word for word into your contract.  This is supposed to be your work product and it needs to be presented in your own words!!

  • Chapter 3 Assignment

    Legal Drafting – Real Property

    Michelle and Barack Obama have been offered $460,000 by Laura and George W. Bush for their four bedroom townhouse in Chicago, IL. Even though they dislike Mr. Bush, the Obamas accept the offer.

    The Bushes want the Obamas to sign a general warranty deed in their favor. The Obamas are willing to do that subject to the following exception:

    The Bushes must agree not to post any political propaganda on the lawn or host any political parties in the townhouse at any time during Barack Obama’s presidency. In the event they violate this agreement, the property automatically reverts to the Obamas.

    The Bushes agree to the above exception to title, meaning they are purchasing the property in Fee Simple Determinable.

    The apartment is located in Chicago, Illinois and the following is the property description provided by the Obamas:

    Lot 8, Block 1600, Hawaiian Hamlet, Third Addition, Cook County Public Records, Plat Book X, Page 79.


    Please prepare the appropriate Warranty Deed for this transaction. If any information is not provided above, please ask me. Consult page 50 of your textbook for guidance.

    The Deed should not exceed one (1) page.

extra page!!!!!!


in 200 words explain what legalese is, why it is used and give examples of legalese.

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