Law Exam

Explain the confidentiality rules of defense attorneys and explain some situations where they may be able to disclose confidential information



List and discuss the four types of office policy that influence prosecutors’ decision making according to discussion by Jacoby, Mellon, and Smith



Describe and discuss the major ethical issues for judges as presented in your text




Discuss the various forms of forensic testimony and why they have been criticized



Where do rules of behavior for attorneys come from, and how are they enforced?




Discuss the number of innocents who may be imprisoned. What are the sources for the estimates? What are the criticisms of the sources?






Discuss the seemingly contradictory ideal that to ensure the natural rights presented by natural law theorists there must be both less government involvement and more government involvement.




Define punishment and then discuss the major rationales of punishment.




What are Mackie’s three types of retribution? Compare and contrast them




Describe how CO’s have discretion similar to police officers and court personnel.



List and describe some forms of corruption committed by CO’s.




What are some ways to reduce corruption in the prison environment?




Describe the discretion of probation and parole officers and provide examples of ethical and unethical applications of discretion




Discuss ethical issues for probation and parole officers and differentiate them




Describe the types of probation officers and ethical issues for each.




Explain how Abu Ghraib can provide us with lessons for managing the ethical prison.




List and discuss some management practices that have been found to contribute to an ethical workplace




Describe and discuss restorative justice and its potential role in dealing with misconduct and corruption in corrections



What are the two justifications for a “just war”?




What is the argument in support of torture? What is the argument against it?




List and discuss the elements Cohen identifies as justifying police action




Compare and contrast the crime control approach and the public service approach of law enforcement.




Briefly describe the weaknesses (points of criticism) for both natural and positivist law?



Discuss the various ways in which the federal government has responded to terrorism.



What are the ways in which prison is harmful?

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