Law 1 – Week 3 Assignment

Scavenger Hunt

1. (12 points) Go to Click through the splash pages until you come

across the interview with one of the Supreme Court justices. Name that justice.


2. (12 points) Name the law school that this justice graduated from.


3. (12 points) This justice was the editor of their law school’s Law Review. Look up a list of the

editors of the Law Review. One of the editors was elected president. Name that president.



4. (12 points) This president’s most famous piece of legislation was signed into law on March 23,

2010. Name that law.


5. (12 points) This controversial law was challenged before the Supreme Court. In a 2012 ruling,

the justice named in Question 1 wrote the authoritative opinion that validated a key provision of

the law based upon the taxing power. Name that case.


6. (Five points) In June 2015, in an opinion also written by this justice, the court upheld another

key provision of this law, particularly relating to tax credits and coverage requirements. Name

this case.


Please submit your answers to the digital drop box by Friday at 11:59 p.m. ET. You may work with other

students on this project.