1 page minimum per answer

1. Nevada has a unique rule that affords SOME employees overtime on a daily basis, which is an

additional benefit to the federal and state rule that hourly, non-exempt, employees are entitled to

overtime for each hour over 40 in a workweek. First, tell me which employees are entitled to daily

overtime. Then, tell me in your own words how the daily overtime rule works. This is something

I asked you to research.

2. First, explain the difference between a “week” and a “work-week” and a “day” and “workday.”

Then tell me, under Nevada law, when a workweek begins and ends and when a workday begins

and ends. Finally, why is it important to know when a workweek and workday begins?

3. “Exempt” employees are not entitled to a minimum wage or overtime under federal and state law.

First, in your own words, identify the three requirements that must be met for an employer to

classify an employee as “exempt.” Then, do some research into “misclassification.” Sometimes,

employers misclassify intentionally and sometimes they do so mistakenly. Explain the common

motive employers have when they misclassify intentionally and the common mistake employers

make when they misclassify mistakenly. Finally, what penalties might an employer face for