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Law school admission in Canada, the United States, and other developing countries consider the Law School Admission Testing (LSAT) as an essential part of students’ acceptance. The test assesses the vital skills like persuasive writing, analytical reasoning, critical reading, and logical reasoning, which one needs to succeed in the school of law.  Common law schools of Canada and all accredited law schools of ABA only accept LSAT test for purposes of admission.

Law School Admission Testing

When and Where Can I Take LSAT?

The Law School Admission council approved testing centers are responsible for administering the LAST in the United States and other international places.  LSAC produces a list of all its approved testing centers and the specific dates of their testing. LSAT exams can be taken four times a year, either on June, December, February or September/ October.

The number of seats available at the testing centres is limited, and therefore applicants should register earlier to secure a place. Also, the candidates have the advantage of sending a request to LSAC, for them to take the tests from non published centres. This arrangement happens only when they are unable to travel or are 160 kilometers from the testing centres.

How Hard is the LSAT exam?

The LSAT consists of two main parts, whereas the first part is a multiple-choice section administered throughout the year in the whole world. The second section of the test is a written essay commonly known as LSAT writing, which is delivered online using proctoring software installed on the computer of a candidate.

There are five sections in the LAST test, namely, Reading comprehension, Logical reasoning, Essay section, Analytical reasoning, and the unscored variable section.

Reading Comprehension

This part has 27 questions to be completed in 35 minutes.  The reading comprehension part has a total of four sections, of which the three sections have longer passages, and the remaining one has a short reading passage. The candidate has five to eight questions to answer after reading and understanding the journeys. They test the ability to explain part of the text, follow the main idea, or find relevant information from the version.   The questions are lengthy and complicated, similar to those found in law school.

Analytical reasoning

This part contains 25 questions to be completed in 35 minutes.  Analytical reasoning, also known as “the logical games,” includes games that involve matching and ordering of elements. A candidate should discover relationships of concepts and come up with logical conclusions to complex and ambiguous problems based on specific premises.

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning has two sections, which include 25 questions, each answered in 35 minutes. The candidate should find the main points from an argument and determine relevant information from a text. Also, he/she should come up with an idea from the cases. 

Unscored Variable section

 Unscored Variable section is like an experimental part that most of the occasions surprise examinees. The examiner does not tell the examinee when this part begins. Therefore, the examinee gets to know the unscored section only after receiving the score report. The part test on new questions was for future LSAT exams, where the examinee’s performance is not determined or considered for the final exam. Examinees regard this as harder than the scored parts.

Essay/Writing section

The writing section is the last part of the exam, which takes a candidate 35 minutes to complete. The candidate gets the task of solving a problem based on the two criteria given. A candidate writes an essay, including the arguments of his decisions, and also explains his arguments against the problem. The essay section has no wrong or right answer, and therefore scoring is not done. Instead, admission offices receive a digital image of the essay and the LSAT score.

How is Scoring done in LSAT?

LSAT calculates the scoring according to the correctly answered questions known as the raw score. It means that the total count of a candidate won’t be affected by the wrong answers he/she gave, and it does not reflect on the percentage of test-takers’. LSAT average score starts from 120while the highest score is 180. They count answers from 101 questions meaning that a raw score of 99 usually translates to a 180.

A candidate who scores above 160 gets a position in the top 25 law schools because he/ she is above 150, the average score. It takes only four weeks for the candidates to receive their ratings from their emails. For the students who sat for the exams more than once, the law schools receive a five-year score during the LSAT application process.   Examiners, therefore, summarizes the scores based on recent, highest, and average rating. The scores have a validity of five years before admission.

How to Prepare for LSAT Exams?

The LSAT tests on how well a candidate has developed necessary skills for him/her to excel at studying law. After application, a candidate has three to four months to make proper preparation for the tests. The following are some of the best resources where a candidate can get revision materials.

The LSAC [Law School Admission Council ]provides law school guides, test preparation publications, and candidate referral services.

Manhattan Prep offers private tutoring, personal instructional courses, community blog, practice tests, LSAT online training courses, and study tools.

Powerscore provides several LSAT resources, including private tutoring, free support, admission counseling, test books, and preparation courses.

The Girl’s guide to law school is a blog that provides a platform where current and prospective students get advice and interview sessions from their LSAT instructors.

How Much is The Law School Admission Testing Program?

LSAT costs 200 dollars, although the cost differs from one law school to the other. Additional fees include test center changes, test date changes, and hand scoring of the exam. An ordinary law school applicant ill spend not less than 500 dollars, and almost all law schools need the LSAT. Fee waivers are available but the strict criteria for one to qualify.

Applicants must have extreme needs for them to be eligible for the exemption. Applicants submit their federal tax forms to be verified after submitting their application for a fee waiver. If they qualify for waivers cover, they take only two LSAT tests within only two months. These tests include one CAS registration, six CAS law school Reports, and one, LSAT writing. Those who apply to more than six schools cover extra costs independently.


Although some law schools may accept other tests for admission, Students who want to excel by maximizing their chances of admission are encouraged to take the LSAT. It is the only test that helps a candidate to determine if they fit in a school of law, and it is the single test accepted by ABA-accredited school of law. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the tests.

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