Leadership Questions

watch the first 45 minutes of the National Geographic Docudrama, Challenger:  The Untold Story.
The Untold Story of Challenger – Bing video (Links to an external site.)

1.  Please summarize the first 45 minutes focusing on the topic of leadership.
2.  Please select 5 characters that are portrayed in this true story and write a synopsis for each character.  What are the characters strengths and weaknesses.  What character or person do you identify with the most and which character or person do you identify the least?
3.  What did you learn about leadership in the first 40 minutes of the movie?  How can you apply this to your life and career?  Be specific sharing examples from the docudrama.
4.  What did you learn as watching the remainder of the movie/video?  What is your take home, be specific with an example and how it relates to your life and leadership?  How does this differ than the first 45 mins of the docudrama?
5. What was the ethical dilemma or ethical dilemmas in this historical event and docudrama?  Be specific by discussing the ethical dilemma(s) and the persons and the leadership roles they played.
6. What was an ethical dilemma in your life recently?  How did you respond, be honest.  How does your ethical dilemma relate to leadership now and in the future?



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