Learning Organizations And Value Creation

Learning Organizations and Value Creation

Review the 6 key elements of a learning organization (Ch. 11 of Strategic Management, by Dess).
Complete the table below. Evaluate the extent to which the company you’ve selected to assess in this course epitomizes each of the 6 elements.

Justify your determination with examples.

Learning Organization Element Extent to which the company epitomizes this element  Provide a sentence justifying your determination
High  Medium  Low
Example x [This] is why I believe it is medium.
Inspiring and motivating people with a mission or purpose
Developing leaders
Empowering employees
Accumulating and sharing internal knowledge
Gathering and integrating external information
Challenging the status quo and enabling creativity
Recommend at least 1 step the organization’s leaders could take to enhance 1 of the elements and explain how that could help the organization create more value.



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