Management Ethics in Healthcare

Choose a specific topic, scope, and title of your final research paper. Check your colleagues’ postings so there are no duplications. Post your prospective topic, scope, and title for your instructor’s approval.Here are classmates topicsTopic: Conflicts of interest and its relation to ethics Scope: Analyzing three specific topics pertaining to conflicts of interest and its relation to ethics while in a professional environment:-Trading secrets in relations to the stock market -Office relationships and employees seeking to climb the ladder -Sale-people hitting monthly incentives based on leads produced (even if the lead is a good one or not)How do people decide when there is a conflict of interest when dealing with these situations, and how do does ethics play a part in it.Title: Conflict of Interest in Business SettingsTopic 2Topic: Ethics in HealthcareScope: A review of specific ethical issues that appear in healthcare management (Right or wrong , should I or shouldn’t I, and dilemmas) , how to make the right decision (principles and the rules that managers should follow), and outcomes from these  ethical decisions.Title: Management Ethics in Healthcare

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