Marketing And Fundraising For Non Profit Organisation

End-of-Course Assessment – July Semester 2020
Fundraising and Philanthropy
1. This End-of-Course Assessment paper comprises FOUR (4) pages (including the cover
2. You are to include the following particulars in your submission: Course Code, Title of the
ECA, SUSS PI No., Your Name, and Submission Date.
3. Late submission will be subjected to the marks deduction scheme. Please refer to the
Student Handbook for details.
ECA Submission Deadline: 08 November 2020, 1200 Hours
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ECA – July Semester 2020
ECA Submission Guidelines
Please follow the submission instructions stated below:
A. What Must Be Submitted
The ECA requires each student to submit a word document for marking and grading:
Please verify your submission after you have submitted the document.
B. Submission Deadline and Mode of Submission
Deadline for Submission: Please submit online to CANVAS Turnitin (for plagiarism detection)
by 08 November 2020, 1200 Hrs.
C. Please Read This Information before You Start Working on your ECA
This ECA carries 50% of the course marks and is a compulsory component. It is to be done
individually and not collaboratively with other students. You must submit it on time.
Kindly ensure that you save your assignment in .doc format so that your marker can read it.
For each 24-hour block thereafter that a submission is late, 10% of the total possible mark will
be automatically deducted, out of a total of 100 marks.
ECA that have more than 50 marks deducted will be assigned zero mark. Any extra files,
missing appendices or corrections received after the cut-off date will NOT be considered in
the grading of your ECA.
You are reminded that electronic transmission is not immediate. Hence, you are advised to
submit your work no later than the day before the cut-off date in order to ensure that the
submission is accepted and in good time. It is possible that the network traffic may be
particularly heavy on the cut-off date and connections to the system cannot be guaranteed.
You should not jeopardise your course result by submitting your ECA at the last minute.
Once you have submitted your ECA, the status will be displayed on the computer screen. You
will receive a successful submission message.
ECA Submission
You are to include the following particulars in your submission: Course Code, Title of the
TMA, SUSS PI No., Your Name, and Submission Date.
The submission should be typewritten, double-spaced, with an easily readable size 12-font face
and a 2.54cm (one-inch) margin all round. All pages should be numbered.
The submitted report is limited to a word length not exceeding 3000 words.
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ECA – July Semester 2020
Plagiarism and Collusion
Plagiarism and collusion are forms of cheating and not acceptable in any form of a student’s
work, including this ECA. You are in effect taking work done by others or work done together
with others and passing it off as your own. You can avoid plagiarism by giving appropriate
references when you use some other people’s ideas, words or pictures (including diagrams).
Refer to the American Association of Psychology (APA) Manual if you need reminding about
quoting and referencing. You can avoid collusion by ensuring that your submission is based
on your own individual effort.
The electronic submission of your ECA will be screened by a plagiarism detecting
software. For more information about plagiarism and cheating, you should refer to the Student
Handbook (Section 7.3.2).You are reminded that SUSS takes a tough stance against plagiarism
or collusion. Serious cases will normally result in the student being referred to SUSS’s Student
Disciplinary Group. For other cases, significant marking penalties or expulsion from the
course will be imposed.
If you cite your references, make sure they are in the APA format. This means that your
bibliography should include author(s) name, year of publication, title, place of publication and
publisher. Refer to the references or bibliography section of your textbook to see how
references are cited. Books and Journal articles are cited in different ways. Page numbers of
the article, and chapters are required. If you wish to quote from a source, you should give the
name and year of publication in the text of the essay, and the full details in the Bibliography.
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ECA – July Semester 2020
Answer all questions (100 marks)
New Life Stories needs to raise $750,000 within the next 3 years as it wants to scale up their
programme to reach out to more incarcerated mothers.
The answers given should be realistic in the Singapore context, taking into account any relevant
issues/challenges discussed in class and to demonstrate your understanding of the fundraising
concepts. Please provide justifications and rationales for your answer. State assumptions, if
1. Develop and construct the following
(a) An effective and realistic fundraising plan for New Life Stories using all the THREE
(3) methods discussed – sponsorship, grant, and donations.
(30 marks)
(b) A case for support for a total of $500,000 over 3 years from a family foundation
(not more than 2 pages long).
(10 marks)
2. A Board member suggested to the CEO to consider planned giving to raise more funds for
NLS. CEO however declined. Defend the arguments for the CEO to NOT consider
including planned giving in NLS’ future fundraising strategy.
(10 marks)
3. Philanthropy is moving from simple outright altruistic philanthropy to a more donorengaged philanthropic trends such as venture philanthropy, impact investing and social
bonds. Choose any two of these new trends and evaluate how and why NLS should
consider adopting it as part of its fundraising strategy in the near future.
(30 marks)
4. COVID-19 disrupts all the traditional fundraising methods when the usual fundraising
events (e.g. gala dinner, charity golf) are all cancelled. Design ONE fundraising event for
NLS to organise during COVID-19 pandemic to raise $10,000 at the cost of maximum
$2,000. Name your target audience, and state all assumptions, if any.
(20 marks)

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