a⁰ = 1 can also be written as a¹⁻¹ = 1

a¹ * a⁻¹ = 1

= 1

And as we know that when anything is divided by itself the answer is 1. So if any number is raised to the power of 0 answer would be 1. Any number raised to the first power is always equal to itself. And if the power further increases it describes how many times that number need to be written and multiplied.















In order to add or solve binomials we first convert them into monomials need to solve the brackets and multiply all the terms in bracket with the number multiplied to bracket if there is no number than we would consider it as 1. Then after that simplify all the terms or monomials. While simplifying one rule is followed that the terms contain the same variable and exponent can only be added or subtracted.









If power of variable which already contains an exponent is taken it means to write the variable with that exponent that many times and multiplied. If the variable does not contain an exponent than we would take it as 1. The same result can also be achieved if we just multiply the exponent and power and male a single exponent of variable











While solving monomials one rule is to be followed only those terms with same variable and exponent could be added or subtracted.












When same variables are multiplied there powers always add. The variables are need to be same but there exponent could be different














A term can be a number or multiplication of number and variable or multiplication of number and variable with exponent. And the number of these terms describes monomial, binomial, trinomial and polynomial












If two different variables are divided and power of whole fraction is taken then the same power would be applied to both the numerator and denominator.













If two different variables are multiplied and there whole power is taken. Then power would be applied seperately to both variables.














If position of variable with an exponent is changed from numerator to denominator or denominator to numinator the sign of exponent would change. When the term would be in new position it would multiply with other term in that part of fraction. And if the terms are with the same variable then there exponent would add up or subtract.


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