Math Assignment Due

Lesson 7- Surveys


Read through Section 7.2 in your book. As you are reading the textbook, answer the following questions.


Your book explains that Venn Diagrams are a handy tool for organizing information given in a survey.


1. Read through EXAMPLE 3, 4 and 8. Which data do you notice is the first to be put into the Venn Diagram in all 3 examples?





2. Read EXAMPLE 4 on page 313. Let B = Bloomberg BusinessWeek and F = Fortune.


a) How many regions in the Venn Diagram represent Fortune Magazine?




b) How would you represent in symbols that ’13 read Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Fortune’ and how many regions would cover it?




c) Does that mean that each of those regions should have the number 13 put into it, or that in total they should add up to the number 13?




d) If the problem had said ’13 read Bloomberg BusinessWeek OR Fortune’, how would you represent that symbolically and how many regions would it cover?




e) How would you represent in words the area that is in the Universe but outside all 3 circles in this example?





3. Do YOUR TURN 4 on page 315 by using a Venn Diagram.










4. Read YOUR TURN 3 on the top of page 314.

a) Translate all of the information given into symbols and write it here:

(let M = McDonalds, T = Taco Bell, and W = Wendy’s) Do not forget to list n(U).














b) Which region should you fill in first if you wanted to create the Venn Diagram to answer this problem?





c) Draw a Venn Diagram representing the information.



















d) How many students ate only at Taco Bell?

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